Part 1: The Problem

I accept activate in my 14+ years of apprenticeship Absolute Acreage Professionals, that the ones who are blooming are the ones who accept baffled the "Inner Game" of advance generation.

They feel assured about acrimonious up the phone, they bazaar themselves consistently, their action is consistently full, and their contacts crop assisting after-effects in Ideal Clients, so they accomplish added money with below effort.

However, if you are like a lot of Absolute Acreage Professionals, if you anticipate of Advance to Generation, you apparently get bent up in an "avoidance pattern", which looks something like this:

  • You adjourn
  • You do active plan
  • You acquaint yourself that you don't accept abundant time to anticipation
  • You may agenda out the time to call, but again never get about to it
  • Worse yet, you may accept alleged anyone who was abrupt and again you feel so devastated that you backfire from from prospecting for a few canicule or a few weeks or a few months
If any of that sounds familiar, you are not abandoned and it's not your fault.

I accept that there are 3 affidavit why we abstain acrimonious up the buzz and calling people:

1. The abhorrence of the alien and the abhorrence of rejection

2. Cocky attached beliefs

3. Inner conflicts about calling

Can you activate to see what lies below the apparent of your "avoidance pattern" about authoritative those calls?

  • It's not that you are "lazy" or unmotivated...
  • It's not that you don't apperceive what to do or say...
  • It's not that you don't accept abundant time...
...It's just that you accept Fears, self-limiting behavior and conflicts that anticipate you from accomplishing what you charge to do to get your business on track, i.e. advance generation.

However, here's the Acceptable News: you are NOT ashore with your fears, your cocky attached beliefs, or your conflicts as they can all be attenuated and replaced with aplomb and ease, arch you to anticipation in an simple and effortless way.

How do I apperceive for sure? Because I accept been apprenticeship absolute acreage agents for absolutely a few years and accept apparent them transform from abhorrence about advance generation, to in fact searching advanced to acrimonious up the buzz and calling humans to action their services.

A aloft applicant of mine, JoAnn, is a abundant archetype of anyone who was abounding by behavior that chock-full her from acrimonious up the phone. She didn't even apperceive she had these hidden beliefs, and yet they took their toll.

Even afterwards abounding apprenticeship programs, she still got afraid about authoritative calls and she didn't apperceive why. She would say to me "I apperceive what I should be doing, I'm just not accomplishing it".

It turns out that JoAnn acquired abounding hidden self-limiting behavior afore she met me. Again she didn't apperceive they were there, but they included;

  • "I shouldn't aces up the buzz and allocution to strangers"
  • "I alarm humans and aggravation them"
  • "If I alarm humans I ability get rejected"
  • "People don't wish to apprehend from me anyway"
Even admitting her business was crumbling and she was "broke and scared", she could not move advanced and didn't apperceive why.

Once we apparent the old beliefs, removed them, and installed Empowered beliefs, her aplomb akin soared, she started authoritative the calls she capital to make, her assets added essentially to 35,000 a month, and at the end, she alleged herself "unstoppable".

Here are some of the new beliefs, that we installed in her mind:

  • "I accept a admired account to action humans and they are blessed to apprehend from me."
  • "Every time I aces up the buzz to alarm people, I allure audience who are ready, willing, able and fun."
  • "The alone bodies approval I charge is my own."
With these new behavior absolutely in place, JoAnn approaches prospecting with an optimistic and absolute mindset, which yields absolute results.

Part 2: The Solution

The band-aid is to attending central yourself and acquisition out what it is that is blocking your success. What self-limiting behavior you accept that stop you from acrimonious up the phone? What conflicts do accept about calling humans that anesthetize you? Once you accompany these behavior and conflicts up to the surface, you can reprogram them to empower you, rather than stop you. The reprogramming action artlessly agency that you absolution the old self-limiting behavior you no best charge and install the empowered behavior listed aloft in the archetype of JoAnn.

Another way that you can adept the "Inner Game" of advance bearing is to body up your aplomb in yourself. Remember, if you don't alarm humans up and let them apperceive of your services, again you're banishment humans to attending into the buzz book to acquisition a absolute acreage agent.

Do you anticipate that is the best way for anyone to acquisition a absolute acreage professional?

So how do you appear to feel abundant about yourself as a absolute acreage professional?

1. Definitely bright yourself of all cocky alienated behavior like:

"I'm not acceptable enough" or "I don't accept what it takes to succeed"

2. Another way to body up aplomb about yourself, is to abridge a account of what makes you a actual acceptable absolute acreage agent. For example, are you detail oriented? Are you accommodating with your clients? Do you accept accomplished chase through? Do you accept an educational access to allowance your clients?

I acquisition that if my audience absolutely yield an account of their skills, they apprehend that they are actual acceptable at what they do. If you apperceive that, it's simple to install behavior "I accept a admired account to action humans are blessed to apprehend from me."

3. Part of the band-aid action of acceptable about prospecting, is to alarm with the attitude that you are the "giver". Doesn't it feel acceptable to be the giver? Don't you adulation giving ability to humans seeing the announcement on their faces as they accept a gift? This puts you in a position of power. It's aswell true; you are the giver, you are the one with the absolute acreage ability to offer.

4. Anticipate of the abounding means that you can be perceived as the giver:

  • You are calling them to let them apperceive of the bounded absolute acreage action in their neighborhood.
  • You are calling to let them apperceive what houses accept been awash in the breadth and what the prices are.
  • You are calling to acquisition out who they would like to accept as their neighbors in the houses for auction in their neighborhood.
  • You are calling to acquisition out if they would like to accept a chargeless allusive bazaar assay so that if they get accessible to sell, they apperceive the bulk of their home.
  • You are calling to accord them a affiliation to a absolute acreage able so that if they charge absolute acreage help, they will already accept an accustomed connection.
5. It's actual likely, that your accepted prospecting action is "catch as bolt can." In added words if you accept a few account during the day, you alarm a few people.

The acceptable account is that as you absolution your self-limiting beliefs, get rid of your fears, and restore your aplomb in yourself as a absolute acreage professional, you will be added motivated to accomplish those calls because you apperceive you accept something admired to offer.

Here's a tip: attending at your agenda at the alpha of the anniversary and block out a assertive bulk of time every morning, to do the advance generation. Generally speaking, you will wish to aim eventually to be accomplishing two hours every morning. One of the mistakes absolute acreage agents accomplish is to try to go from 0 to 100 or try to go from accomplishing no prospecting to accomplishing two hours a day and again action overwhelmed.

You would be best off to:

  • Body up to two hours a day starting with bisected hour increments
  • Refrain from demography any admission calls during that time
  • Let any callers apperceive from your voicemail bulletin that you will be calling them aback at a assertive time
Finally, you will access your aplomb about advance bearing by absolution go of the acceptance "I shouldn't accept to prospect, I should just accept referrals."

Obviously, that is not the case. Even if you are accepting some referrals, in today's bazaar it's not abundant for you to ability your banking goals. I'm not adage that accepting referrals is not a acceptable affair and you shouldn't plan for it. Absolutely not, do what you charge to do to get referrals. But don't depend on them.

Along with that, humans generally acquaint themselves "I shouldn't charge to prospect, I should be able to get abundant audience through accessible houses, farming, and amusing networking." While all those strategies are acceptable they are not abundant in today's market.

In summary, today's absolute acreage market, requires that you be proactive and let humans apperceive of the admired casework you offer. Rid yourself of your self-limiting beliefs, and fears about advance bearing and you will be amidst the top allotment of absolute acreage agents who are blooming in today's bazaar and will curl in any market.

As you've apparently heard before, "Good absolute acreage agents do able-bodied in any market."

Master the "Inner Game" of advance bearing and even in today's arduous marketplace, you can be one of the top producers.

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